Kirill Mikhaylyuk
Kirill Mikhaylyuk
Designer / Photographer
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My name is Kirill, I am a designer. For more than 7 years, I have been creating beautiful books, posters, logos, and just interesting things to please both the customer’s eye and my own.

At the moment, I cooperate with the North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA St. Petersburg), I am the head of the design and layout department here and I supervise all issues related to the design and layout of the printing industry, the Institutes corporate style general issues of visual style and related projects. During my work, the institutes polygraphy has been completely updated and the next major update has been initiated, correcting errors, adding new visual constants and modernizing those already in force not only for the North-West campus, but also for all of the RANEPA branches in Russia.

Prior to that, I was lucky to work for several years in St. Petersburg named after VB Bobkov branch of the Russian Customs Academy as a designer-maker. I was entrusted with the layout of collections of scientific papers, teaching aids, textbooks and other publications of the branch. In the year we produced over 3,000 books (from 250 to 450 pages), this was achieved thanks to our own unique printing house, which we managed to assemble and force to function correctly through considerable efforts, but they definitely paid off. This place of work was surprisingly because it managed to realize a small dream - to assemble a full-fledged photo studio at work. And she allowed to fill the site, books and promotional materials with high-quality photos and gave great opportunities for creativity. For all the time I was working, I was repeatedly awarded certificates of appreciation and thanks from the management of the branch, as well as thanks from the management of the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

In my business, I adore: the moment when I myself start to like the created visual object; freedom of choice; work with color; structure in building a task tree; organization of project files; selection of fonts; early morning work; turn everything upside down when you realize that you are at a dead end; see in real life the fruits of their labor; symmetry.

One of the most favorite areas of design is the layout of the books and the design of the covers for them. I can’t definitely say why it is such a great pleasure, just to note that the very structure of the page, the creation of the layout, the layout of elements and of course the choice of fonts, followed by the creation of a tree of interdependent styles, is an incredibly interesting process. This direction reflects my desire for conservatism and fixed orderliness, but in contrast to it there is also a desire for constant changes and improvements, the creation of constants capable of adapting to different formats, as well as an understanding of the utility of changing paradigms.

This concludes a brief essay about myself, I hope the rest of the details will be able to reveal to you in my works presented on this site.

Enjoy watching!